N/Com Technologies

N/Com Technologies can help your business regardless of the amount of help your business needs.

Complete MIS Operation

N/Com Technologies can develop and maintain your companies entire Information Systems infrastructure whether it involves only part time, as-needed work or it involves operating a larger network.

Support existing MIS staff

Whether you MIS staff needs expertise not available in house or just doesn't have the resources to deal with you business needs, N/Com Technologies can supplement your existing MIS staff to help with general operations or to work on specific projects.


Custom Software

Sometimes off-the-shelf software just doesn't meet the needs of your business. N/Com Technologies can develop custom software for a wide variety of applications in a wide variety of environments. We have experience developing software for a wide range of applications ranging from database and messaging, to scientific and real-time embedded systems.

IT & Strategic Consulting

The biggest problem some companies face is determining what capabilities are needed and how to integrate business operations with information systems. N/Com Technologies can not only help you to automate your business but can help you to use these capabilities to give your business a competitive edge.

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