N/Com Technologies

It's all about finding the best solutions for your business.

At N/Com Technologies, we represent our customers.

While most companies would never do anything that had legal ramifications without having a knowledgeable lawyer represent them, many companies routinely make business and information systems decisions that have a major impact on the future of the company without having someone knowledgeable in the field looking out for the company's best interest. As an independent consulting company, one of our most important jobs is representing the best interests of our customers.


Diverse, unbiased expertise creates the best solutions.

Businesses, especially small and medium size businesses which do not have a wide range of technical expertise in-house, are faced with resellers, outside consultants, and other "experts" whom, in reality, do not have a wide range of knowledge and expertise. Businesses are presented with a limited range of solutions which are based on the latest marketing hype and on products that will provide the solution provider with the most revenue. At N/Com Technologies we are not only able to be unbiased when developing solutions for our customers, but when combined with our wide range of technical knowledge and experience, allows us to create solutions which truly are best solutions for our customers.

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